Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Swirling thoughts

The last few weeks have been full of experiences that have caused a virtual tornado of thoughts and emotions, most of which in today's society would be considered controversial if now downright polarizing.  I have been trying to wordsmith things so that I can clearly express my thoughts and views, but have not had much success at this point.  That is why I have been fairly quiet.

But I will share a moment in time that made my heart sing.

I have started to institute "dates" with my kiddos.  Each week I take one of them out for some 1:1 time.  It may be a lunch date, going out for ice cream or other dessert, or some sort of treat, such as a $5 mani at the local beauty school.  This week Baby Bear wanted to take along in Little Bear's date, mostly because dad was not bowing to Baby Bear's wishes.  Baby bear was informed that the decision was up to Little Bear, and that Little Bear had the right to no.  Little Bear did indeed say no.  Later in the car Little Bear confessed that Baby Bear was upset because of the answer.  I just sat and listened.  Then the nugget of gold was revealed -
 "Mom, I said no because I just wanted time alone with you"

My heart was bursting.  Little Bear is hitting that age where kisses are few and time with friends seems to be more important than time with family.  Hearing that the desire for time with me is still a high priority left me with glow that has still not diminished today!

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