Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sneak Peek

We had a break in the weather this past weekend!
It got up into the mid 50s and we were able to open the house up and let the breeze blow the nasty germs out of the house.  Papa Bear and Baby Bear have been sick.  The house smelled so wonderful.  The only problem was that we forgot to turn the furnace on when we closed up the house and woke up to quite a chilly house.

School for the girls is progressing.  We have finally found a bit of a routine and identified things that we need to do better.  We instituted some of those changes the past 2 weeks and the days have been much smoother and more productive.  Having a weekly date with one of the cubs has made a world of difference. On Saturday whose ever date is coming up will start counting down the time and making plans.  I have learned a lot about each of them in the short time I have been doing this.  I have also noticed that behavior has improved as well.  Or maybe I should say that by taking this time to learn more about them one on one I am learning how to deal with particular  behaviors.  Date time is also a great time discuss some of those behaviors away from the heat of the moment.

This date time is not always a money spender, nor does it require time away from the house.  Yesterday Baby Bear and I baked  bread together and made invites for her birthday party.  Little Bear would wander in and ask questions, but knew that the main focus of my attention was on Baby Bear.  There was no major jealousy involved because Little Bear knew next week it would be her turn for the attention.  Another great thing about these dates is the chance to take some pictures corralling only one cub!  I have gotten some really amazing shots (as amazing as you can take on a phone since I am in desperate need of a new camera (hint, hint Papa Bear!)) of the Cubs.  This pictures are really great to use in my Project 52 - scrapping each  week of the year.

Now that we have had a taste of spring (though the almanac says that the weather in March is going to be even worse than January and February) I am looking forward to scrapping lots of pretty spring pictures.  hat of Bunny is releasing a new kit on the 27th is really going to fit that bill!

will be available at ScrapTakeout and With Love Studios.

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