Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our growing family....

Before anyone gets too excited, we are not growing our family by more kiddos, though that is something I dream about.
We are getting ready to enter a new phase in our family life and enter the world of furry pets.

Our choices were fairly limited because of allergies, cost, and ability to either leave them or take them with us when we go camping or to my mom's.

Fish were vetoed by the cubs because they can't pet and hold them.

Cats were vetoed because of the youngest's allergies.

Dogs were vetoed because of the costs, allergies, and I have no desire to walk a dog in this weather!

So now we were down to cage-able critters.
    Snakes - not happening!
    Rats and mice - do not like those tails or those beady eyes
    Hamsters - Way too wild at night.

Well, we are going to end up with guinea pigs.  I know, there are a lot of negative points to that animal as well, but when it was all added up, these little critters seemed to be the best that we can do for right now.  So in 4 weeks we are going to be welcoming 2 little girls into our home.  We have a ton of cleaning to do between now and then to give them the size of enclosure they need.  But it is good that w have a deadline to get it done!

Those first few days are going to be interesting, to say the least. These little girls will only be 4 weeks old.  My youngest is stressing over what to name hers.  My oldest just can't wait to hold hers, but has yet to come up with a name.  Both of them are making big plans for the home.

In honor of the 2 little girls I am giving away a Quick Page from Hat of Bunny's kit - This Is Us.

I hope you enjoy the QP - click on the picture to get the download!  

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  1. Jessica .A.-

    Very nice mom and I would have been happy to walk the dogs in the rain!