Thursday, February 27, 2014


I am not, by nature, and exuberant individual.  I don't blossom with energy or burst with excitement very often.  But I have people in my house who do.  My cubs do.  They show me how to look at things with fresh perspective.  They take the tension that accumulates throughout the day, and with one glance, one hug, they wipe it away.  That is on a normal day.  On days something special happening, watch out. Those cubs will glow.  The cubs will allow me to see things through their eyes. They show me that the simple things in life remain the most amazing.  They light a fire within me to grow and become a better version of myself.

One day, long ago, the family had planned a day at the local zoo.  My parents were coming for the outing.  Anyone looking at the excitement in the cubs' eyes would have thought we were going to meet a superstar instead of a camel.  But that is the beauty of children.  They live in the moment.  They don't worry about the meeting coming up on Monday.  There is no Monday to them.  Their entire world was that day in that zoo with the people they love the most.  

The cubs are older now, and they get bogged down at times with worries about tests and squabbles between friends.  Papa Bear and I are no longer the absolute center of their universe.  But there are moments when I see those very small children still lurking inside them.  Times when they still seek out the comfort of an evening snuggle, when a spontaneous smile and giggle escapes, when they turn to me and tell me it is time for our weekly date.  I grasp those moments, through they slip through my fingers like water.  They leave their mark, but I can never contain them.  And that is ok.  That is what is supposed to happen as they become young people moving towards adulthood.  They are still giving me the gift of the appreciation of the moment.  And before long it will be my job to remind them to slow down, to appreciate and to present in the moment as they rear their children.  And the circle will continue.

While working on some scrapbooking (I am only 23 years behind), I found this picture of one of my cubs on that zoo day.  She had just awakened and realized that her grandparents were on their way and we were soon heading off for a huge adventure.  

In my last post I showed you the sneak peek of Hat of Bunny's newest kit.  It has been released today.  That is the kit I used to create this page.

Hat of Bunny has a beautiful new kit.

Morning Glory

 Inspired by the beautiful morning glory, which blooms early in the morning and greets people as they wake up, "Morning Glory: is a kit that includes everything the morning glory stands for: love, affection, and the transience of live.
With soft and elegant colors, hand-crafted elements and word-art that encourages one to meet and seize each day with joy, "Morning Glory" is a great, versatile kit for capturing everyday moments.
 With 16 papers,
 52 elements,
and 6 full alphas!

Available as a full kit (best deal!) at ScrapTakeout and With Love Studios

 or individual pieces

CT Inspiration:
 by Catherine
 by Heather
 by Amber (Template by Fiddle-dee-dee)
 by Shelby
 by MayehmMama
by Dorine


Journal cards and quick page by Catherine available at her blog.

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