Thursday, January 16, 2014


Part of my purposeful goal this year is to make my decisions on how I spend time according to guiding word. One thing that always, and I truly mean always, gets away from me is control of my calender.  It seems as if events write themselves in without me ever touching the keyboard!  So one way I am going to attempt to tame the sneaky little calender imp is to sit down at the beginning of each month and evaluate what is already on the calender to see if it is in line with my goal of purposeful use of my time.  If it does not , how can I eliminate it or adjust it so it does.

This month I sat down on January 1 and decided what is necessary and what is not, what supports my family and what does not, and what encourages me to set an good example for the kiddos.  I created a scrapbook page for this exercise.  Being creative is something that is important to me because of the self-expression and the time to myself to reflect on what I am doing.  So I was creative about this subject and this is the result. 

Kit is Month of Beginnings  by Hat of Bunny
The calender is a freebie from FranB for the Calender Challenge on WLS

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