Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A New New Year

Asian countries have started following the "Western Calendar", but traditionally they celebrate "Lunar New Year". China, Korea, VietNam and Japan all have their own specific traditions for this holiday. China, from research that I have done, seems to celebrate it the longest. If you get a chance, take a few minutes and look up "Chinese New Year". There are a lot of fun traditions that you can introduce into your own family and let your kiddos know a bit more about the world. Here are 20 Chinese New Year Facts. Here is an article with links to ways to teach about Chinese New Year. Here is a fun article on traditional foods prepared and eaten during the festival. And while I don't always agree with things Disney does, I do like this page on Chinese New Year.

 We have a lot of fun with Chinese New Year in our house. We have adopted some of the things into our own family with a Christian twist - we recommit ourselves to God, we symbolically sweep out the house to rid it of sin and the devil (great for little ones - they really latch on to that concept), ask forgiveness from family members we may have wronged or hurt, and then get together with friends for a major Chinese food feast! Throughout this time we will remember and honor those that are no longer with us and pray for their souls. This year the kiddos are old enough to understand and enjoy putting up "couplets" around our door. Once again we will do it according to our beliefs and post blessings around the door. We enjoy doing this because it recognizes and honors their birth culture. We also do it because it allows us a chance to step away from the Christmas rush and the New Year pressure of resolutions and create a time for setting some goals for the year. It is anther chance to celebrate during the gloomy time between Christmas and spring!  It is a chance to eat more Chinese food!  It is yet another way to create traditions that the cubs will remember throughout their lives (hopefully with fond memories!).

Let me know if you have any non-traditional traditions in your family!

In honor of Chinese New Year, Hat of Bunny has created a new kit. It will be perfect for not only Chinese New Year, but also to scrap all those visits to the Chinese Restaurant, as well as any picture that needs to be showcased in elegant, bold colors. Here is a sneak peek!
will be available at ScrapTakeout and With Love Studios

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