Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Start

As I wrote my last post, I realized something that I needed to do this year....I needed to let go of the paralyzing effect of "perfectionism" and just have go for things.  One place where this really will make a difference is my memory keeping - scrapbooking!  I love digital scrapbooking because of the "undo" button.  But because of that ease, and because of all the beautiful examples out on the web, I find myself not creating because nothing I create will live up to what is in all those galleries I peruse.

Once I made that realization, I decided to scrap all my expectations (yes, pun intended) of perfection and just create so that my family actually has some scrapbooks!  That is all well and good, but I also need some encouragement to actually create.  One way for me to do this is to be on a Creative Team for a designer.  I looked and looked until I found a designer that I really like, filled out an application to be on her team, closed my eyes and hit send.  

And she picked me!!!!!!!!!

So now I am an official member of the Creative Team for Hat of Bunny.  Her attention to detail in her kits is fabulous.  

So here is to creating memories with the family and recording them in fun books!

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