Thursday, October 3, 2013

Forgotten Orientation

When I say we are home schooling, I am mean that our children complete their academic education here at our home.  We are not creating our own curriculum, nor are we drawing from many different programs.  We have chosen to use the K12  program.  Our state has partnered with them to provide students with a virtual online learning experience.  This is a whole new concept for our family.  There are actual teachers that present classes online.  They are there as resources for us whenever we need them.  The lessons are a combination of the online teacher led classes, online computer learning, and book study.  Papa Bear and I are "learning coaches".  We actually do some of the "teaching", but the lessons are laid out for us so clearly that it is fairly easy.  The other nice part of it is that we can include our beliefs in the teaching.  We can talk about how we believe that science supports God's miracles.  We can take a break and say some prayers. We are able to attend Mass or go to a pro-life rally, or just sit and talk about whatever pressing issue comes up in their bright, impressionable, wonderfully curious little brains.

There is a downside to this, too, though. Not only is there a learning curve for the Cubs, but there is also a learning curve for us adults.

 There are some things that have been tweaked for our state to meet standards and to meet the general calendar of other public schools.  In doing that, they don't follow the curriculum exactly as K12 has it laid out.  We did not understand that, and when the teachers started talking about "pacing guides" we were unsure what they were talking about.  We finally figured it out, but not before we were a bit behind.  We finally got the cubs caught up, only to discover today the Baby Bear has managed to fall behind again because I was unclear when I explained it.

The other thing that was not clearly explained was that it is VERY beneficial for each child to have a computer on which to do school.  There is a lot more online work than we thought.  It is incredibly interactive and does a fantastic job of continually reinforcing what was covered in previous lessons.  So I am not complaining.  But the one computer we had all set up was not quite enough.

It would have been nice had there been a bit more orientation except for the general videos produced by K12 regarding the particulars of our state.  There are some other things that would be terrific to include.  I need to make sure and write those subjects down and send them in to the administrators of our state program.  I will get to that as soon as...........

  •  We actually get caught up
  • I get my desk cleared off
  • I finish the 3 loaves of bread I have proofing in the kitchen
  • I get remotely organized
  • My laundry is folded
OK - it may be a while.  But that is why I have this blog - to remind of things that I need to do!  Now,  back to folding.  The good news is that the crate of mismatched socks are all sorted and matched.  I can check off 1 thing from my to-do list!

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