Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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The last few weeks

The last few months have been really tough.  Losing my dad in January had a much more profound effect on me than I ever dreamed it would.  Add to that health concerns my mother has put off addressing because she was taking care of my dad, my own health responding to the stress, and then starting to home school, well, let's just say that I have been in a much deeper fog than I ever realized.

Coming out of that fog I am looking much more closely at a few tracking devices available in our curriculum and have discovered that I had missed some key things - namely that there were some tests that were not passed.  So this week is all about getting those tests completed with a passing score, ensuring the attendance has been updated, and that everyone is back on course.

One of those health concerns my mom had put off was severe arthritis in her knee.  She is scheduled to have a knee replacement next week.  After her time in the hospital she is going to move in with our family until she is able to move around safely in her own home.  Knowing that she is going to need all facilities on the first floor of our home I have vacated my "office" and moved into the "formal living room".  Bear and my oldest manhandled the guest bed down the stairs and into the office.  This change has caused there to be chaos and mayhem in the front part of our house.  My youngest has decided that school needs to occur right next to me, so now there is my huge desk and its mess sitting right next to our piano, with one of the school computers stacked on top of a vintage sewing machine - in a VERY small room.  Oh, and I forgot there is also a rocking chair and love seat in here as well.  This seems to be working well for the little one, and I am much closer to the older one who has taken up scholastic residence in the dining room.  Most people who know me IRL know that chaos and disorder follow me like dust follows Pig-pen.

Given my recent emergence from my emotional fog, the sheer volume of chaos that surrounds me right now is overwhelming even me!  Tonight my goal is to get the bear cubs in bed early, help all lonely socks scattered around my house like fallen leaves find mates, and work with Bear to create a plan to tame the BEASTS formally known as chaos, disorganization and clutter!

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